The Zen of Meeting People

Chinese characters for "to be" or "to exist" represent the idea of being present in the moment when you meet someome

to be; to exist – when you meet someone, exist in the moment

Meeting people is often difficult, but is, at the same time, quite simple. If meeting people is hard for you, these tips can help make it easier.


A genuine smile puts both you and the person you’re meeting at ease. It calms the heart and the mind.


Don’t just hear the sound of someone’s voice. Be attentive. Be in the moment. Listen.

Be kind

Treat everyone with compassion and courtesy. Each of us has a long history that no one else fully knows or understands.

Be respectful

Act as though the person you are with is the most important person in the room; while you are talking with them, they are.

The simple act of meeting people can help you step outside of yourself and become a more aware, accepting, and compassionate person.

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