5 little known factors that could affect your cocktail chatter

1. Smalltalk relieves tension

I’ve been the person feeling as though no one sees me, but everyone must see how everyone else is ignoring me. The person more comfortable at the edges of the room or around the food table, so I don’t feel I need to engage in conversation. And when someone came over and started talking with me, started asking questions and engaging me in actual conversation, it was a relief. I felt less awkward. I felt less like I stuck out as the proverbial loser. And so I try to find people who seem tense or uncomfortable, people who don’t seem to feel at ease jumping into a conversation or approaching a stranger and starting a conversation. Continue reading


head and shoulder image of Tam FragerIt’s a new year, and with that I’m starting a new blog. I know, there are millions of blogs out there, so why start another one?  Well, that’s the wonderful thing about the internet — there’s room for everyone, and it’s likely that  something I say will strike a chord for someone.

So what is the point of my blog?

I want people to connect.  I see so many people, every day, who wish they knew how to reach out to another person, or who wish someone would reach out to them. Everyone is lonely sometimes, and we all need other people. This blog is meant to help people learn to make those connections.
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