7 ways to introduce yourself

"hello my name is" sticker, such as the kind worn at conventions and PTA meetings

These stickers are seen everywhere, but that’s because they show the most basic type of introduction there is. A quick greeting, followed by your name.

There’s really one way to introduce yourself, though you can vary it some. It’s the first item in the following list. All the others are conversation starters that lead into an introduction. I’m feeling a bit tongue-in-cheek as I write this; forgive me.

  1. Hi. My name’s Tam. What’s yours? (While you could use my name, I recommend using your own.)

    This is deceptively simple, and that’s what makes it so effective. If you use one of the other six conversation starters listed here, be sure to use this after they’ve answered whatever question you’ve asked.

  2. Hi. How did you get interested in blogging (or whatever the conference theme is)?

  3. Hi. I love the scarf you’re wearing. Is there a story behind it? (If they aren’t wearing a scarf, or the scarf is hideous, choose something else to compliment and ask about it – a unique tie, a piece of jewelry, a tattoo, etc.)

  4. Phew. The lines at the Post Office are always so long this time of year. What made you decide to venture out and stand in line rather than doing all your shopping online?

  5. There aren’t any free tables. Do you mind if I join you? (Don’t use this if there are tables available.)

  6. I haven’t seen that book before. /or/ I love that book. How are you enjoying it so far? (If they are absorbed in the book, don’t interrupt their reading. If they’ve set the book down, go ahead.)

  7. How are you connected to Jane? (Or whatever the host or hostess’s name is. This question works even for guests of guests, who may not know the hosts.)

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