7 warning signs that you’re in a social rut

Are you in a rut? Can you even tell? Here are 7 signs that you should get out and meet more people.

1.   Although you enjoy doing things with your current friends, none of them want to try the new things you want to try.

This situation is a sure sign that you need to meet more people who are willing to try the things you want to try. Don’t let yourself avoid doing something just because your current group of friends isn’t interested.

2.   You haven’t gotten a new client in ages.
If you’ve been hitting up your network for referrals, but haven’t gotten any, then it’s time to expand your network (assuming that the reason you aren’t getting referrals isn’t that your work sucks).

a woman shakes the hand of a man she's just met while the person who introduced them watches

3.   You want to go out on Friday night, but you have no one to go out with.
All your friends are married, have kids, or live in the virtual world. You want to go out, but there’s no one to go out with. You need to meet others who want to go out, too.


4.   You find yourself getting bored.
It’s all the same. The same activities. The same conversations. The same foods. And you’re bored with it. Meet new people to infuse new life into the same-old, same-old.

5.   You find television more interesting than conversation.
If you regularly find that you’d rather watch television than hang out with the people you know or do the things you usually do, then you need to get to know new people and try new things. TV is great, but it shouldn’t replace actual human interaction.

6.   You want to learn or teach anything.
Do you have skills you want to pass on? Skills you want to acquire? You need to meet people who want to learn what you have to teach, and people who can teach you what you want to learn.

7.   You’re reading this because you wondered if any of the signs would pertain to you.
If you wondered if any of these warning signs would fit your situation, then you need to meet new people. Whether you’re aware of it at a conscious level, you’re thinking about bringing new people into your life. Do it.

If you aren’t sure how to get to know new people, check out last week’s post, How to take charge of meeting new people (will open in new tab).

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