5 warning signs that you’re a bad party guest

people at a party pose for, and make faces at, the camera

A few of my friends think I’m an amazing party guest. They love how outgoing I am, how I connect people, how I manage to talk to people I’ve never met before. This used to never happen. Several years ago I read an article (just a random article online; at this point, I have no idea what it was or who wrote it) that made me grok how much a guest’s attitude can affect the host’s and other guests’ perception of the party. From that point on, I made a real effort to improve my party behavior.

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How to talk to your parents like an adult, even if you still feel like a child

a family with father, mother, and two adult children enjoy conversation

Adult children who develop good communication with their parents enjoy healthy, satisfying relationships with them.

My grandpa told my mom that she wouldn’t really be an adult until she turned 50. And when she turned 50 and joked with him that, finally, she was an adult, he told her that he had been wrong, and anyone who was 50 was still a kid. And, in a sense, he was right. She was still his kid.

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7 ways to introduce yourself

"hello my name is" sticker, such as the kind worn at conventions and PTA meetings

These stickers are seen everywhere, but that’s because they show the most basic type of introduction there is. A quick greeting, followed by your name.

There’s really one way to introduce yourself, though you can vary it some. It’s the first item in the following list. All the others are conversation starters that lead into an introduction. I’m feeling a bit tongue-in-cheek as I write this; forgive me.

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